Artık 2010 yılında olduğumuz için son 10 yılın, bir başka deyişle de 2000li yılların en iyi korku filmleri nelerdi, geriye dönüp bakabiliriz. Birçok yabancı sitede buna benzer listeler görür oldum. Bu listelerde birçok iyi film hakkıyla durduğu halde, birçok önemli film ise unutulmuş gibiydi.

Ben de bunun üzerine çok daha kapsamlı bir liste hazırlama gereği duydum. Benim listemde filmleri sıralarken daha çok içimdeki sese kulak veriyorum. İçimdeki ses de, filmin film olarak kalitesi, anlatım başarısı, orijinalliği, kendi zevkim, filmin korkutuculuğu ve etkileyiciliği, yarattığı fenomenin büyüklüğü gibi etkenlerin özetidir. Sevdiğiniz herhangibir filmi bu listede göremiyorsanız ya son 10 yıla ait değildir veya yukarıdaki kriterlerimden en az biriyle ters düşmektedir :) Veya belki de daha basit bir açıklaması vardır: o filmi izlememişimdir!

Gokhan Toka

As we are into 2010, we have the right and perspective to make a list on the best horror movies of the decade. I have came across a couple of similar lists on different sites. Including many important movies, unfortunately some of the not to be forgotten were missing on those lists.

So I decided to create a much more detailed list. How I sorted the movies on this list, is a combination of all factors: the quality of the movie, how original it is, how scary it is, how big a phenomena was it, and finally my own taste. If you cant find your top movie in this list and if it’s not more than 10 years old, most probably it was not satisfying one of the conditions above or simply because i didn’t watch it!

Gokhan Toka

100. Det Okända
99. Hatchet
98. Severance
97. Lesbian Vampire Killers
96. Creep
95. Toolbox Murders
94. Behind The Mask
93. Eden Lake
92. Cannibal (White Skin)
91. Friday 13Th
90. Martyrs
89. Black Sheep
88. Dead Meat
87. The Ruins
86. Cloverfield
85. Orphan
84. Undead
83. Uzumaki
82. Dead End
81. Frontiers
80. Silk
79. The Dark
78. Sauna
77. Wolf Creek
76. Paranormal Activity
75. 30 Days Of Night
74. Messengers
73. Jack Brooks: The Monster Slayer
72. Hamiltons
71. Dance Of The Dead
70. Final Destination
69. Dead Silence
68. Poultrygeist
67. Feast 2
66. The Children
65. Perkins 14
64. Strangers
63. Splinter
62. Joy Ride
61. Versus
60. 3 Extremes
59. Vacancy
58. Butterfly Effect
57. Machinist
56. The Signal
55. Sincity
54. Irreversible
53. The Mist
52. Evil Aliens
51. Bug
50. Dark Hours
a surprisingly good low budget psychological thriller movie, with a good – intelligent story line and thrills.

49. Shutter
the best horror movie from thailand. the ending of the movie is one of the classic scenes of horror cinema.

48. The Grudge
the american remake is identical to its original. i dont see a difference between. so, remake follows original in the list.

47. Ju-On
many people will remember the decade of horror cinema with this one. not a very well established story, but it is scary as hell

46. Cabin Fever
a punch in the stomach by eli roth

45. Wrong Turn
a red nake cannibalism story very well told by rob schmidt. after it, red nake cannibals became very popular once again

44. Identity
good psychological supernatural thriller.

43. Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call)
miike’s version of commercial horror. very outstanding and very scary.

42. Orphanage
chilling horror produced by guillermo del toro. connected to devils backbone on story level

41. Trick R Treat
the perfect halloween movie, not so well known as it unfortunately didnt have a theatrical release

40. Gozu
the most funniest thriller ever made, a work of art by miike

39. Dog Soldiers
a highly entertaining English wolfmen movie from the director of descent

38. Marebito
a post modern vampire story, that combines modern ugly desperateness with the beutiful desperatness of a legend

37. Feast
a very entertaining horror project, a must see

36. Open Water
chilling and very real story, very well told. upon seeing you will be afraid of the sea even if you are not right now. if i should put it like yoda does: “afraid of the sea, you will be”

35. House Of 1000 Corpses
the movie that transformed singer rob zombie to horror movie director rob zombie. an extravaganza of classical horror.

34. Drag Me To Hell
funny and scary return from horror master sam raimi. his closest performance to evil dead.

33. Hills Have Eyes
one of the few remakes, where remake is better than the original. again by alexandre aja

32. Dawn Of The Dead
one of the best remakes ever made, that made director zack snyder famous

31. Visitor Q
one of the most disturbing movies ever made, from the twisted mind of miike

30. Joshua
hmmm. that was a modern omen story. main difference was, joshua was not the son of devil, he himself was the devil with all his innocense

29. The Village
after 6th sense, shayamalan was able to tell a very good story once again

28. Devils Backbone
breakthrough movie for guillermo del toro, drama horror

27. Gin Gwai
the movie that made pang brothers famous all over the world

26. Heute Tension
very bloody first film from the acclaimed director alexandre aja, the best new horror director of the decade

25. Battle Royale
a twisted story of an apocalyptic future

24. Inside
a bloody as hell horror story told by french

23. Others
among the horror classics of the decade

22. Kairo
post-modern apocalypse story

21. Ginger Snaps
one of the best teen-horror movies ever made. a very touching story about the horrors of growing up and loneliness

20. Frailty
one of the best examples of family horror. a good reference movie for dexter.

19. Hellraiser 5
the first time where the 5th movie of a horror series becomes the best in the series. unbelievingly perfect movie that reseted the definition of hell

18. Gwoemul
the most intelligent and outstanding monster movie ever made

17. Jeepers Creepers
did you know that this movie was produced by coppola? very entertaining and exciting horror

16. Saw
the birth of the legend have also became the re-birth of horror cinema (in terms of gate revenues)

15. Hostel
a raw movie both in terms of aestethic design and in political depth, that reflects eli roth’s bad taste perfectly

14. A Tale Of Two Sisters
the best horror movie ever made by korean cinema industry, not surprisingly a work of kim ji woon

13. Rec
very original and realistic zombie story told by spanish talent balaguero

12. Ring
a very well done, effective remake which will always be remembered

11. Jisatsu Sakaru
one of the most disturbing and unorthodox horror movies ever made

10. May
the bizzare and touching story of may’s loneliness, a proof of lucky mckee’s talent

9. Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara
again a very touching story told in the darkest way

8. Shaun Of The Dead
one of the best examples of comedy horror

7. Ichi The Killer
the most psycho and messy killer you have ever seen

6. Mulholland Drive
one of the finest movies made by david lynch, a very bizzare love story

5. Donnie Darko
one of the best movies from independent american cinema, a natural story told in a surprisingly supernatural – thrilling way

4. Session 9
scary as hell, compares to nothing else. truly original and unsafe movie with special emphasis on the sound effects

3. Let The Right One In
a true classic, a very touching horror movie. probably the best vampire story ever told

2. Descent
one of the best horror movies ever made, the horror of desperation

1. 28 Days Later
a movie that changed the history of horror cinema, from oscar winning director danny boyle